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Formal Ayurveda education system goes back to its prehistoric period. There are several tests referring the criteria, methods and syllabus of Ayurveda teaching. Those explanations, approach and methodology of teaching and learning were addressing the prevalent health issues, life style and healthy biodiversity. The classification of land and its character and effect on health, different types of food, its sources, methods of preparation, several guidelines and making healthier nutrition value and combinations are so important to maintain and improve the status of health of the people.The concept of Parities Constitution studies, classifying the typical nature of an individual and developing guidelines for healthy individual and healthy environment for him/her is so important that, this concept is getting high importance of research and guidelines for people in the developed countries also. There are other areas with no exception, they have touched every aspect of health-bodily, mental and spiritual, promotion of health and beauty with rejuvenation, aphrodisiac drugs or methods and increase the longevity of the people. The through knowledge and skill of diagnosis and treatment of disease, formulation and preparation of medicines and study of plants, minerals and metallic is in so depth that hardly any one of the present institutions are carrying the endeavor research or our ancestors.The present status of Ayurveda course, content and methodology of teaching is far beyond the present need and even the classical concept. These courses are neither meeting the demand of present health need nor progressive for the future. This present model is the product of confusion of pure and mixed is the product of confusion of pure and mixed and three of four decades old Indian university model. The emphasis is given only for theory, hardly any skills of practical learning and developing innovations. On the other hand there are several examples of continuing reviewing of medical education in modern medicine. So, the challenge is to overall review and Ti give high emphasis on present need of the country and meeting the future goal of the country.There are several Ayurveda herbs, treatment methods, diet and basic concepts being researched and also patented by other countries. There is a serious threat and challenge in the capitalization of intellectual property rights of our resources. If we take these challenges as an opportunity then we can contribute and develop this sector as well as the economic growth and health status of the country and people. In this respect India or other neighboring countries have taken serious steps and are far ahead from us. If we take as a granted and there is no dynamism that it will produce a mass of depressed people, who will have less productivity and contribution. This is what happening in the present context. So, my request is that we need to proper canalize this resource and a wider and clear methodology need to develop, so that the product can be highly qualified and effective to meet the present and future challenges of the nation and can contribute to the international areas also.It is regrettable to say that our students are not internationally recognized. Recognition and affiliation to international university is possible only when curriculum and system become strong to deliver adequate knowledge. So, I sincerely request to the concerned sectors, to take serious steps foreword in the curriculum and teaching learning methods to develop productive and effective person power. The curriculum is the backbone of any education system. Based on that an effective teaching and learning methods need to be designed. And this need to follow seriously then only our contribution will be properly evaluated.