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When it comes to enrolling in a language course abroad there are basically two ways to go. Firstly, you can enroll directly with the school. Secondly, you can use the services of a language travel agent. In this article we look at exactly what agents do and consider some of the advantages and disadvantages of using them to advise you and handle your enrollment.What are Education Agents?Education agents or study abroad consultants play an important role as an intermediary between schools and students.Here is an example of how it works. An English language school in America cannot be on the ground in Poland marketing their school and meeting prospective students. However, they do still want to enroll Polish students into their language programs. It is too expensive to open an office in the country so they need to find a representative (agent) to promote their school for them. This works well as the agent will also be able to speak to the prospective students in Polish if their English level is still poor.Agents operate all around the world and they usually represent numerous language schools and other educational institutions at the same time. For the services that agents provide, they are rewarded with commissions when a student enrolls in a school via their agency.At the basic level agents will market a school, distribute brochures, give prospective students information and facilitate enrollments. Some agents add additional value by offering students assistance with travel arrangements and visa applications.Agency CommissionsIf you decide to enroll through an agency then you must be aware that agents are earning a commission from your booking. Commissions can be quite substantial. It is fairly standard for commission to be 20% or 25% of the total tuition fee amount for a language school booking. For some courses the commission rate can go as high as 30% although this is less common. In my opinion it is often the less desirable schools that offer higher commission rates.Bear in mind that commission is usually paid only on tuition fees and not other costs such as administration and accommodation fees.Remember that you should pay the same amount whether you enroll directly with the school or through an agent. Typically a school would make more money if you enroll with them directly rather than via an agent. This is because they would not have to pay an agent a commission on your booking.Dangers of the Commission SystemAs a prospective student you must be aware that agents may not necessarily recommend the best schools to you. While many agents operate ethically and keep the student’s interests in mind, not all are honest and reliable.It is generally seen as good business practice for agents to seek out the best option for students as an agency may get referrals from their friends at a later date. However some agents can be a bit short-sighted when it comes to money. There are agents out there who will recommend an inferior school to you just so they can make an extra 5% or 10% commission.Other Warnings about AgentsThere are a few other important things to be aware of when it comes to dealing with agents.Don’t fall for additional fees. Agents are already making a substantial commission on a language school booking and they should not be charging additional, separate application fees. In some cases such as university or high school placements that involve lower commissions and more work on the agent’s part an extra fee can be justified. However, most language school bookings are relatively straight forward and the commission is excellent. Make sure that you see an original price list from the school and don’t let the agent trick you into paying additional charges.Agencies in some countries have been known to take tuition fees from students and then close shop and disappear. There is no reason why you should have to pay tuition fees directly to the agent for them to forward on to the school. Instead, you might consider doing an international bank transfer directly to the schools bank account. Your agent would then invoice the school at a later date for their commission. Most reliable agencies will not have a problem with this.Become an Agent and Enroll Yourself?A few smart students that I knew had the idea to start their own agency and then get a commission on their own booking. The commission would have been substantial as there were two of them studying for a year. However, this is difficult as there are some criteria that you have to meet before you can qualify to get an agency agreement to represent a school. Depending on the school you may need to prove that you have a registered business, an office address and a website. Some schools these days also ask for references from other schools (they like to see that you have had a successful track record in placing students at other schools).Choosing a Reliable AgentStandards vary enormously when it comes to agencies. Some are well established and reliable while others may be newcomers to the market with no reputation at all.If you do decide to enroll through an agent you may want to find out if there is an agents association in your country. Felca.org is the website for the international education agents association. From this website you can find agency associations in many different countries.Associations require their members to conform to a high standard of ethics and in some countries agents even have to pay a bond. However, while association membership does count for something it is not really all that important. Some good agents feel that associations charge them a whole lot in fees and that they get very little in return. Ethical standards are hard to enforce and just because an agency is a member it doesn’t mean that they always put student interests above the profit motive.

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Most people talk about keeping fit and undergoing therapy of different types but no one talks about giving therapy education. If the thought has ever crossed your mind, let’s look at some of the things that can help you make up your mind fully about it. We will look at what it really means to be a physical therapist.Physical therapy varies the world over, in great proportions too especially in the conditions treated and the level of independence in practice. You just have to see the variation across the world from the name only. Some refer to it as physical therapy, other like physiotherapy. These are the people who deal in areas such as wound care, geriatrics, respiratory, orthopedics, home care, neurology, pediatrics, sports and more.People undertaking physical therapy educations are educated in comprehending the interaction of your body parts. The hands on approach that they are taken through start with examining, diagnosis and treatment of the current problem. You are then taught how to take care of yourself through exercises and using your body appropriately to acquire strength and motion while you avoid injury.Modern physical therapists offer aid to everyone from infants to elderly on every part of the body. They are also advising on the appropriate posture and motion of the body in our work places, treating injuries, consulting on fitness and administering physical therapy even in the homes. There are no limitations. Once you complete your education, you can practice anywhere, anyhow.A career in therapy can be very rewarding. According to trusted sources on salary reviews the average salary to be expected by a typical physiotherapist in the United States is $75,000. It is now common to find therapists able to command salaries in six figures especially by individuals who are involved in other activities bar the patient treatment. These activities could be teaching or owning a clinic.There are too may good schools offering physical therapy degrees but the most important thing is to ascertain that the school you are considering to join is accredited in your region. Entrance into a physical therapy program is very competitive and in some instances demands a mark higher than one required to join a medical school though every application process is different in different regions.Job description includes helping rehabilitate patients such as the accidents victims and people with disabling ailments such as low back pain and heart disease, fractures, head injury and cerebral palsy.

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Formal Ayurveda education system goes back to its prehistoric period. There are several tests referring the criteria, methods and syllabus of Ayurveda teaching. Those explanations, approach and methodology of teaching and learning were addressing the prevalent health issues, life style and healthy biodiversity. The classification of land and its character and effect on health, different types of food, its sources, methods of preparation, several guidelines and making healthier nutrition value and combinations are so important to maintain and improve the status of health of the people.The concept of Parities Constitution studies, classifying the typical nature of an individual and developing guidelines for healthy individual and healthy environment for him/her is so important that, this concept is getting high importance of research and guidelines for people in the developed countries also. There are other areas with no exception, they have touched every aspect of health-bodily, mental and spiritual, promotion of health and beauty with rejuvenation, aphrodisiac drugs or methods and increase the longevity of the people. The through knowledge and skill of diagnosis and treatment of disease, formulation and preparation of medicines and study of plants, minerals and metallic is in so depth that hardly any one of the present institutions are carrying the endeavor research or our ancestors.The present status of Ayurveda course, content and methodology of teaching is far beyond the present need and even the classical concept. These courses are neither meeting the demand of present health need nor progressive for the future. This present model is the product of confusion of pure and mixed is the product of confusion of pure and mixed and three of four decades old Indian university model. The emphasis is given only for theory, hardly any skills of practical learning and developing innovations. On the other hand there are several examples of continuing reviewing of medical education in modern medicine. So, the challenge is to overall review and Ti give high emphasis on present need of the country and meeting the future goal of the country.There are several Ayurveda herbs, treatment methods, diet and basic concepts being researched and also patented by other countries. There is a serious threat and challenge in the capitalization of intellectual property rights of our resources. If we take these challenges as an opportunity then we can contribute and develop this sector as well as the economic growth and health status of the country and people. In this respect India or other neighboring countries have taken serious steps and are far ahead from us. If we take as a granted and there is no dynamism that it will produce a mass of depressed people, who will have less productivity and contribution. This is what happening in the present context. So, my request is that we need to proper canalize this resource and a wider and clear methodology need to develop, so that the product can be highly qualified and effective to meet the present and future challenges of the nation and can contribute to the international areas also.It is regrettable to say that our students are not internationally recognized. Recognition and affiliation to international university is possible only when curriculum and system become strong to deliver adequate knowledge. So, I sincerely request to the concerned sectors, to take serious steps foreword in the curriculum and teaching learning methods to develop productive and effective person power. The curriculum is the backbone of any education system. Based on that an effective teaching and learning methods need to be designed. And this need to follow seriously then only our contribution will be properly evaluated.